Senior Living Options for Couples Include Continuum of Care

There are numerous reasons why couples choose to move into life plan communities. One big benefit is that a turnkey lifestyle frees up a lot of time. You can pick up a new hobby or hone an old one. What you do with your newly found free time is up to you.

Often retired couples move into life plan communities just to enjoy the freedom, amenities, and services. Other couples may decide they need help regarding the health of their partner. Having a variety of options in one location is a huge comfort.

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Moving into a life plan community means that services can be changed at any time, as well. If one partner needs skilled nursing care after surgery, you’ll have direct access. If one of you becomes ill and needs to upgrade to assisted living, you are given preference to move into that program.

A life plan community takes care of you from day one. You can choose to live in an apartment or villa together remain the same area as needs change. You can each have separate services to meet your individual needs without ever having to live separately.

You’re home, and you’re together.

Just imagine the two of you with no responsibilities, enjoying life to the fullest. No house or yard maintenance—just enjoying the time you have together. Life doesn’t get much better.

To learn more about the independent living experience as a couple, contact Porters Neck Village. You can reach out online or call to schedule a tour.

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