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There’s always something to do at Porters Neck Village. At Porters Neck, the Village People have a wide range of interests and plenty of outlets for pursuing them. Whether you prefer to read a good book, play cards with your friends, or release your inner Rembrandt, Porters Neck Village has plenty of ways to help you create and recreate to your heart’s content. 

These are just a few of leisure activities we have available on campus.

Artisan Room

Whether you are rediscovering your long-lost art skills or just dipping your toe (and your brush) in for the first time, you’ll find all the supplies, instructors, classes, and support you need in our Artisan Room. Whatever your medium or inspiration, at Porters Neck Village, we’ve made an art out of helping seniors express themselves.

The Cove Game Room

If you’re looking for some real action, The Cove Game Room is where you want to be. Rack ’em up for a lively game of 8-ball, or practice your backspin for the next big ping pong tournament. The Game Room is where everyone comes to play: expert or novice, serious player, or fun-loving amateur. Not much of a competitor? Then simply enjoy the camaraderie or relax in front of one of our TVs.

Cypress Hall Movie Theater

Do you consider yourself a true movie buff, or are you just a big Clint Eastwood fan? Either way, our Cypress Hall Movie Theater is going to make your day! From comedies to dramas, westerns to romcoms, Cypress Hall is the place to catch your favorite second-run films and Hollywood classics. And when the lights come up and the popcorn runs out, Cypress Hall is also a great place to catch an interesting lecture or other special event.

Cardinal Club Card Room

Gin. Hearts. Spades. Euchre or Contract Bridge. Whatever your game of choice, we’re sure you’ll find our Cardinal Club Card Room is the real deal. It doesn’t matter if you play with a regular group of friends or if you’re looking to make a few new friends over a few good hands. If it’s in the cards, you’re sure to find it here.

Cutting Edge Craft Center

For would-be woodworkers, jewelry designers, crafters, or woodcarvers, our Cutting-Edge Craft Center is just a little bit of paradise. You bring the talent, and we’ll supply the tools. Whether you’re a first-timer looking to learn some skills or an experienced craftsman looking to mentor others, our Cutting-Edge Craft Center is the perfect place to get to work.

Village Library

Romance lovers, mystery aficionados, sci-fi fanatics, and almost everybody in between would have volumes to say about Porters Neck Village Library. Entirely managed by resident volunteers and stocked with all the latest releases and periodicals, the Village Library is an excellent place to get hooked up with a new book club or get lost in a beloved classic – just read into it what you will.

Village Auditorium

Some villages have their main streets, and ours has its main stage, which we call our Village Auditorium. When the show must go on, the Village Auditorium is where it happens. It might be a live musical performance, a resident amateur show, a special guest speaker, or a visiting local youth group. Still, chances are if it’s happening at our Porters Neck Village, it’s happening in our 8,900 sq. ft. auditorium.

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Your best days are in front of you at Porters Neck Village

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