As a resident of Porters Neck Village, you have entrusted us with your private and confidential financial, health, and other information.  This information helps us to provide you with high quality services. Porters Neck Village is committed to protecting your privacy and will take steps designed to protect the privacy and confidentiality of your health and financial information.  Some of these steps are listed below.

  • We will not disclose to anyone outside of Porters Neck Village your private and confidential health or financial information without your permission, or the permission of a person you have appointed as your power of attorney or otherwise named as your personal representative, unless we are permitted or required by law to do so.
  • Porters Neck Village may send to or receive from your physician or other providers health information when you ask us to do so as part of our provision of services to you while you are a resident in our community. Any health information that we receive from your physician or other health care providers will be kept confidential.
  • We have in place policies and procedures that address resident confidentiality and how to safeguard such information whether in electronic or other form.
  • Our staff members receive training regarding the confidentiality of private resident information and how to best protect that information.
  • We will use your private health and financial information only for legitimate purposes, such as for purposes that you request, payment, providing you with services, and informing you of additional goods and services that may be available to you at our community.

We appreciate the trust you have placed in us.  If you have any questions about how Porters Neck Village will use or disclose your personal information, please contact the office manager at 910-772-3119.

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